Plessy UK provides LED grow lights

British Plessey announced on the 7th that it has cooperated with B-Four Agro, a Dutch lettuce planting company, to provide LED plant growth lights for the new greenhouse of its subsidiary B4Hydrogrow B.V. The greenhouse planting area is 29,000 square meters.

Plessy UK provides LED grow lights

It is reported that B4Hydrogrow's greenhouse is under construction, and it is planned to install Hyperion 1750 LED growth lights with a light output of 1750 micromoles per second, which is equivalent to a 1000-watt SON-T high-pressure sodium lamp. The entire line of Hyperion grow lights are available in a standard and custom spectral range. This grow light has many features and can bring relatively high profit returns to growers.

B-Four Agro, a company that supplies vegetables to the food processing industry, plans to switch its outdoor growing method to indoor greenhouse hydroponics and has invested in a new greenhouse under its subsidiary B4Hydrogrow B.V.

In order to fully adopt LED lighting, B4Hydrogrow intends to make full use of the growing space, by using Plessey's Hyperion grow lights with specific wavelengths to achieve maximum yield and highest quality lettuce. At the same time, compared with SON-T high-pressure sodium lamps, LED lamps generate less heat and can save up to 40% of energy.

Maarten Klein, Plessey's chief agronomist, said the method of growing lettuce with LED lighting had proven to be very successful. By using Hyperion LED lights, growers can use artificial light when the greenhouse temperature is low to maximize production.


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