Swedish vertical farm buys LED plant growth lights

It is reported that Ljusgarda AB is located in Tibro, Sweden. The company converted an old local factory into a 7000 square meter indoor controlled environment factory with an annual production capacity of 1000 tons of food. And through the use of hydroponic vertical growing methods, coupled with efficient LED lighting, crops can be grown year-round without pesticides.

Swedish vertical farm buys LED plant growth lights

Andreas Wilhelmsson, chief executive of Ljusgarda, said the company's goal was to provide customers with tasty and high-quality vegetables. During crop cultivation, no pesticides are required, water consumption is low, and it is 100% renewable energy. Furthermore, since the crops are produced locally, long transport and discharge times can be avoided.

Growing crops in a controlled environment, Heliospectra's grow lights can play a key role. With this grow light, growers can adjust different light spectra to meet the growth needs of different crops. Achieving high-quality, high-yield year-round is a challenge for Sweden due to harsh weather conditions, and Ljusgarda was able to create an optimal environment to speed up crop harvest and increase yields of high-quality production year-round.

According to official sources, Heliospectra will be shipped during the third and fourth quarters of 2018.


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