Price for LED panel light

  The frame and baseboard of LED panel lights made of different materials have different heat dissipation abilities. Also, the prices are different. The price for 6063 aluminum is about 50-80 dollars.

Price for LED panel light

  The price for LED panel light guide plate is around 60-80 dollars. The quality of the light guide plate is one of the most important factors to determine the quality of LED panel lights. The use of superior light guide plate can make the light more even with no dark spots or water ripples.

  Now the market price for 11lm 3014 is often between 0.13-0.16. Good lamp bead is not only stable, bright and has low light fall but also the color rendering index is much better. 600x600LED panel light needs 360 lamp beads, approximately $ 53.

  Now we basically use 11x23 or 11x26mil chips. The SMD lamp bead is about 1 penny/pcs.

  LED panel lights with four sides into the light have 4 aluminum plates and with two sides into the light have 2 aluminum plates. The model of 600 x600 is about $ 1.5 or so/pcs.

  Power supply is also one of the important factors to affect the price of LED panel lights. Power supply with a bad quality has a direct impact on the lifespan of LED panel light. UL power supply is good and stable. The price is about $ 53. Price for TUV power supply is around 33 or so. Except these, there is also CE power supply..

  If using simple packaging, each light only costs a little money. If using better one like 10 bucks, there will have a heaven and earth cover on the four corners with a carton and plus a carton shell packaging.

  A finished LED panel light is composed of accessories like foam pad, tape, wire rod, terminal and labor.


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