Qingdao Licang District started the landscape lighting improvement project of the North Railway Station

In order to optimize the external "window" image of Qingdao North Railway Station and dress up the city's "business card", Licang District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province recently launched a landscape lighting improvement project for the North Railway Station, adding more than 3,400 firefly lamps and more than 150 spotlights. Decorate the night view of North Station colorfully.

Qingdao Licang District started the landscape lighting improvement project of the North Railway Station

According to the relevant person in charge of Licang Municipal Company, in order to ensure the quality of the project, Licang Municipal strictly controls the survey, design, construction and other links, and has organized professionals to conduct on-site investigations on the North Railway Station for many times, and finally determined "energy saving, environmental protection, beautiful and harmonious" construction principle. According to the design plan, Licang municipal staff installed more than 3,400 firefly lamps in the green belts and flower boxes of the east and west squares of the North Railway Station at a distance of 0.6 meters, of which 800 firefly lamps are solar energy, incorporating modern advanced lighting Technology and the green concept of energy saving and carbon reduction create a bustling and gorgeous night atmosphere. At the same time, the lighting is combined with the green belt modeling tree, and more than 150 spotlights are installed. Using the light and shadow of the spotlights, the three-dimensional effect of the modeling tree is presented to the public, so that the art of light and shadow can be integrated into urban life.

The smooth implementation of this landscape lighting improvement project has improved the infrastructure construction around Qingdao North Railway Station, not only lighting up the city’s night sky, but also creating a safe, convenient and comfortable nighttime travel environment for citizens, improving citizens’ sense of happiness, and creating a beautiful city window further improves the quality and image of the city, optimizes the business environment, and helps the city achieve higher-quality development.


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