Hunan Hengyang continues to promote the management of urban lighting facilities

In order to further improve the effect of urban lighting and beautification, in the past few days, the Street Light Management Office of Hengyang City, Hunan Province has made precise efforts to take multiple measures to continue to promote the level of refined management and lighting quality of urban lighting facilities and equipment, and focus on various tasks. Continuously improve the "face value" of urban lighting, and "add luster" to the creation of a national civilized city.

Hunan Hengyang continues to promote the management of urban lighting facilities

The Hengyang Street Lamp Management Office is based on the functions of urban lighting construction maintenance and management. While doing a good job in daily street lamp maintenance, it also intensifies the inspection of lighting facilities, and organizes special investigations of all street lamps and lighting facilities in the city. For specific problems in the investigation process, set time, set standards, and assign responsible persons to carry out rectification within a time limit, sort out one by one and follow up in time, grasp the implementation of rectification, and continuously improve urban lighting infrastructure to ensure the lighting rate and facility integrity rate. Strengthen the cleaning and remediation of street lighting facilities, replace damaged street lighting components found in inspections in a timely manner, correct inclined light poles, and clean up "psoriasis" on lighting facilities to ensure that urban lighting facilities are clean and beautiful. Carefully repair the street lights in the back streets and alleys, actively respond to the concerns of the citizens, and take every appeal of the citizens seriously, so as to respond in a timely manner, respond quickly, and implement them in place, providing considerate and high-quality services for the residents.

As of March 24, 24 calls from citizens, "12345" hotline and digital urban management work orders have been received, and the completion rate is 100%. The lighting rate inspection is 99.55%. Cleaned up 79 light pole hanging objects, 183 "psoriasis" places, cleaned and painted 130 light poles. The old pole lamppost eliminates potential safety hazards. The relevant person in charge of Hengyang Street Light Management Office said that it will continue to increase the management and protection of urban lighting facilities, and make every effort to create a high-quality night lighting environment for citizens to travel.


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