Qinghai Lake Scenic Area Implements Lighting Project

As an indispensable and important component of the infrastructure construction of scenic spots, night view lighting is an important factor in improving the construction of scenic spots, enhancing the image of scenic spots, and optimizing the environment of scenic spots. Qinghai Lake Tourism Group integrates the characteristics of the scenic spot with the cultural heritage, creates a good visiting environment for tourists through lighting combinations, continuously enhances the beautification effect of Qinghai Lake, creates unique holy lake lighting, and makes the night view of the Qinghai Lake Scenic Area more gorgeous colorful.

Qinghai Lake Scenic Area Implements Lighting Project

Since the beginning of this year, Qinghai Lake Scenic Area has vigorously implemented quality improvement and upgrading projects. At the same time, it has also actively promoted scenic area lighting projects to create a night scene atmosphere, shape the image of the scenic area, gather tourists, organically combine folk culture with lighting rendering, and use light show elements to decorate , enriching the Erlangjian Peninsula lighting project with new highlights. The project mainly illuminates the entrance of Erlangjian Peninsula, bus shelter, wooden plank road, sculptures, Plateau Holy Lake Altar, White Pagoda, Leaf Pavilion, Fumen, "I'm Waiting for You by Qinghai Lake"; East Pier and Reclining Buddha The layout uses lighting design to express the details and characteristics of the landscape architecture through floodlights, wall lamps, line lamps and other lamps. Taking the road along the lake as the main line, it creates a landscape with clear layers, highlighted points, a blend of movement and stillness, and appropriate light and dark, showing a gorgeous various night scenery. The sculptures in the scenic area are more magnificent with the blessing of lights; the Plateau Holy Lake Altar and the Octagonal Pavilion are decorated with lighting strips on the exterior walls, and floodlights are used to design rich visual effects and outline the overall structure.

As night falls and the lanterns are turned on, the lights echo with the holy lake. The overall lighting is based on "quietness", and the light and shadow are perfectly combined with the lake water. The sparkling lake surface presents a visual feast and a spiritual shock. The Erlangjian Peninsula in Qinghai Lake shines under the decoration of lights, and the colorful lights blend with nature. Through the improvement of the lighting project, not only the "appearance" of the scenic spot has been changed, but also a dynamic beauty has been added to the quiet environment, which has also demonstrated the vitality and speed of the development of the scenic spot, improved the tourist experience, and continued in the future, Qinghai Lake Scenic Area will adhere to "micro transformation and refined improvement" to light up the beauty of the holy lake and help high-quality new development of tourism in Qinghai Lake Scenic Area.


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