Quality LED lighting products should save money and save worry

  Consumers should try to avoid selection of LED lighting low prices products, primarily because of a low price is usually at the expense of the quality of products as a precondition to achieve. So, poor quality LED products and LED products use what difference does it ? ENELTEC said: quality LED products can really help consumers achieve " provinces" , or " power, money , peace of mind ."

 Quality LED lighting products should save money and save worry

  The first is the " power ." Cheap low-quality LED products light efficiency is low, the light fades fast , impossible to achieve power saving effect , and high-quality LED products than ordinary energy saving fluorescent lamps at least 50%.

  Followed by " money ." Cheap low-quality LED products not only saving effect can not be achieved , but poor quality , short life, require frequent maintenance and replacement , but consumers will spend more money wasted . The high-quality LED products through saving and provincial maintenance costs , real " money" purposes. Reporters do a simple statistics, with three male Aurora 8W LED bulb replaces a 40W incandescent , each family pack 8 , day light four hours , according to 0.6 RMB / kWh per year can save 374 kWh of electricity, light electricity a year to save costs 224 RMB .

  Finally, the "save worry ." Home users and mall hotels and other commercial users , maintenance , replacement lamps is a very thing to worry about . In the human cost remains high today, lighting products bring maintenance costs will be greatly enhanced. The high-quality LED products , buy long-term use without frequent repair and replacement, easy way to achieve true peace of mind .


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