Reconstruction of 100 municipal road lighting systems in Guangzhou

Recently, the road lighting improvement project (Phase 2) in the downtown area of Guangzhou has been launched, and it will upgrade some road sections in Guangzhou that have no street lights and need rectification.

Reconstruction of 100 municipal road lighting systems in Guangzhou

The project construction scope includes about 100 municipal road functional lighting and its matching lighting power distribution system in Tianhe District, Baiyun District, Yuexiu District, Liwan District and Haizhu District of Guangzhou City.

It is understood that among the 100 municipal roads to be upgraded, it covers all types of travel space such as main roads, village roads, community squares, subway exits and so on. Among them: 19 in Baiyun District, including North Baiyun Avenue, Airport Road, etc .; 21 in Haizhu District, including the bottom of Pazhou Bridge and South of Guangzhou Avenue; 24 in Liwan District, including Zhongshan Eighth Road and West Dongfeng Road; 19 in Tianhe District, Including Metro Liede Station Exit C, Zhujiang New Town Station Exit A1; 17 Yuexiu Districts, including Xiaobei Road.

Urban lighting is an important part of urban public facilities, but Guangzhou still has problems such as inadequate lighting, insufficient illumination, and lack of maintenance and management of street lights. Therefore, Guangzhou will carry out new construction and reconstruction of street lights on the municipal sections without street lights within the construction scope.

In addition, the project will also set up an independent lighting control system, and can be connected to the existing lighting control system of Guangzhou Lighting Construction Management Center to achieve remote control.


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