Replacement of LED Lighting Fixtures in New Taipei City Community Underground Parking Lots

The Public Works Bureau of New Taipei City, Taiwan, has proposed the "Replacement subsidy program for indoor residential parking lot lighting in 2018". If the basement lamps in the community are old, they must be replaced with energy-saving lamps according to regulations. The efficiency of LED bulbs must meet the standard, and Requires automatic switching, dimming, or timing control. For communities with more than 500 households, a maximum of 800,000 yuan (NT $, the same below) (equivalent to about 178 thousand yuan) subsidy.

Replacement of LED Lighting Fixtures in New Taipei City Community Underground Parking Lots

If the lighting equipment in the basement of the community is old, the community can apply for subsidy from the New Taipei City Public Works Bureau when replacing the lighting. The Bureau of Works emphasized that the lamps to be replaced must have energy-saving and point-saving badges, and must be "inductive" LED lamps, with a luminous efficiency greater than 120 (lm / w); the subsidy amount accounted for up to half of the total amount, and the number of community households Up to 200, with a maximum of 200,000, between 200 and 500, with a limit of 400,000 and a limit of 800,000 for communities with 500 or more.

The Works Bureau stated that the community needs to hold a "Division of Owners' Meeting" to replace the basement lamps, which can only be replaced with the consent of more than half of the residents; if the meeting is held late or no consensus is reached, it may cause the community to delay the application for subsidies, so the lighting replacement subsidy in 2018 The plan has been postponed to the end of September this year to facilitate community applications for lamp replacement in 2018; if the community is to replace lamps in 2019, they can still apply for the 2019 program subsidy based on the time on which the invoice was issued.

The Bureau of Works indicated that about 60 communities have applied for the 2018 subsidy program, and 6.9 million have been subsidized. The total budget of the plan for 2019 is about 15 million, and the community is encouraged to replace lamps with energy-saving lamps. Spot checks will be conducted. Due to the huge amount of subsidies for more than 500 households, the percentage of spot checks will be 100%. For communities with less than 200 households, the spot check rate is more than 10%.


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