Sanming ancient street in Fujian turns on after renovation

With the New Year coming, Ningyang Ancient Street in Ninghua County, Sanming City, Fujian Province has been crowded with people for the past few days. Many citizens are attracted by the night view of the newly upgraded ancient street and come here to check in.

Sanming ancient street in Fujian turns on after renovation

Walking along Ningyang Ancient Street, you can see the newly-built gatehouse standing solemnly at the entrance. The renovated houses have roof tops, horse-head walls, and wooden doors and windows that complement each other. The newly paved stone road is clean and tidy, and a stream flows through the center of the ancient street. , amidst the gurgling sound of water, the lights on the stream bank change in color, combined with the water mist, just like a fairyland.

"The Ningyang Ancient Street Night View Project started during the National Day in 2023 and lasted for three months. The project construction was completed during the New Year's Day this year and the lights began to turn on." Zhang Chi, manager of the engineering project department of Ninghua County Chengfa Group, introduced that the scope of this construction is based on Ninghua County Yanggu Street (Xiaoxi Road) is the main area, extending to Jiangbin Road in the east and Xida Road in the west, including the buildings around the junction with South Street. Wall washers and lanterns are installed on the building facades throughout the project, wall washers are installed on the river bank, and fog systems and lasers are installed on the section from South Street to West Avenue to create a beautiful night view.

"I have opened a shop here for many years. Now after the renovation, more people come to visit and watch. I believe this place will become more and more prosperous." Huang Meiyan, the owner of a snack bar on the ancient street, said.

Ningyang Ancient Street has unique advantages in history and culture. This series of renovations not only retains the charm of the ancient street and deeply explores the cultural characteristics of the Hakka people in Ninghua, but also effectively improves the quality of the urban night landscape environment and activates the streets and alleys. It enriches citizens’ nightlife, promotes local consumption, and boosts Ninghua’s cultural tourism market to have a good start.


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