Several lighting projects in Dongying, Shandong were completed

In October 2023, the group launched the beautification and lighting project. The project met the construction deadline and progress, and continued to promote the beautification and lighting work in the jurisdiction, improve the travel experience of employees, and continue to light up the night view of the military horse farm.

Several lighting projects in Dongying, Shandong were completed

The beautification and lighting project involves 16 concentrated residential areas, back streets and alleys, employee cultural activity centers and Nanyuan Square of the Group's offices, Gudao, Xianhe, etc. A total of 176 LED, solar photovoltaic street lights and Nanyuan Square landscape lights were installed. The overall lighting project will be completed by the end of January 2024. The newly installed street lights are all LED and photovoltaic energy-saving lamps, which are directly energy-saving and bright, and can better improve the lighting effect.

Since the beautification and lighting project was launched, the group has organized relevant personnel from the planning and construction department and the real estate company to conduct on-site inspections, fully listen to residents’ opinions and suggestions on the renovation and improvement of lighting facilities, continuously optimize the construction plan, and truly implement the goal of doing practical things and doing good things for the employees. In practice, we will make every effort to create a popular project that satisfies the employees.

In the next step, the group will aim to improve the refined management level of the community, increase the frequency of inspections, create a good lighting environment, go all out to provide lighting services to benefit the people, and continuously enhance the happiness of employees.


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