Sanya Airport and Xiamen Siming District implemented lighting renovation projects

At present, LED is accelerating the replacement of traditional light bulbs in the past. It can not only save energy, reduce emissions, reduce energy consumption, but also have good decorative effects. It also has many other advantages. Therefore, LED lighting renovation projects are being vigorously promoted everywhere. Recently, Sanya Airport and Xiamen Siming District have carried out lighting renovation projects.

Sanya Airport and Xiamen Siming District implemented lighting renovation projects

Sanya Airport Completes Energy-saving Reconstruction Project for Apron Pole Lights

The next day, Sanya Airport successfully completed the energy-saving retrofit project for the high pole lights at the apron, and the measured energy saving rate can reach more than 55%.

It is reported that Sanya Airport has a total of 487 sets of apron high pole lights, and the lamps are all traditional 1000 high-pressure sodium lamps. In order to effectively reduce energy consumption, in 2019, Sanya Airport started a high-energy lamp retrofit project, replacing traditional high-pressure sodium lamps with good energy-saving effects. The new FLED energy-saving lamps with excellent lighting parameters can make the field of vision wider and the visual sense better. The renovation project of the lamps and lanterns was carried out in two phases. The first phase was completed on June 14, 2019. After testing and trial operation meet the standard requirements, the second phase was started on November 20 and completed on December 25. After actual installation and testing, it is estimated that 1.36 million kWh of electricity can be saved annually and 1.2 million yuan of electricity costs can be saved.

Implement "lighting project" project in Siming District, Xiamen

It is understood that this year, the Siming District of Xiamen has mentioned the implementation of the road "lighting project" project for private projects. Among them, Dongpingshan, Jinbangshan, Wenping, Punan 4 communities in Wucun Street installed 35 solar street lights; 397 solar street lights were installed in Qianpu Community of Lianqian Street; 223 solar street lights were installed in Zengyu Wenchuang Village of Binhai Street The street lights have been installed and are currently being commissioned.

Mr. Fang Gao, a streetlight builder at Wenchuang Village, introduced that 223 new streetlights were added to the village, mainly installed at village entrances, main roads and residential alleys. These street lights can be turned on regularly, or they can be turned on automatically based on outdoor light. The street lights are managed by the Internet of Things. As long as the mobile phone mini program is used, you can check the street lights. It is clear at a glance whether the street lamp is faulty and the remaining battery power, which is convenient for the subsequent management of the street lamp.


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