Schools LED lighting products replacement

In the past, as long as the general classroom lighting Qiugou light, not easily broken line. Today, times had changed, with the improvement of teaching and learning environment, the development of lighting technology, lighting is the lowest standard classroom lighting requirements, further taking into account that the vision protection, energy saving and environmental indicators.

Schools LED lighting products replacement

According to the research visual health of China's first white paper system, "National Vision Health" survey showed that 5 years of age, myopia of 35.16 to 39.21 percent, that is, one person every three people there is myopia, the total number of patients of myopia between 437 million to 487 million.

Visible, myopia prevention must start with children. A survey shows that our students every day about 60% of the time in the classroom, when the lack of classroom lighting and lighting conditions, the light is too dark, the student will instinctively close to the book, a long time, will naturally make eye refractive system to produce changes, resulting in myopia. National Natural Science Foundation project "Healthy Lighting classroom based study of biological effects of light" more scientific experiments to show that the school classroom lighting will directly affect the efficiency of student learning and healthy vision.

More and more school students are aware of the importance of visual impact of lighting, lighting embarked on a renovation project to upgrade the original way of lighting, for example, classrooms, hallways, playground, dormitory, dining hall lighting to LED illumination. However, national standards for school use LED lighting products temporarily missing, the school in the procurement and use, there is no relevant basis.


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