Shanghai Minhang District completed landscape lighting along the Huangpu River

In line with Shanghai's vision of building a world-class waterfront city, Shanghai's Minhang District has recently completed urban micro-updates of landscape lighting along the line, based on the previous construction of the Minhang Riverside Park. Recently, with the completion of the landscape lighting project, this wall-less and 24-hour park has been uniquely lit, making it more and more beautiful in the interplay of light and shadow. Rivers, waves, sails and other elements are cleverly integrated, making Minhang's "Little Bund" more charming and romantic at night. Hurry up and follow our camera to experience the scene together.

Shanghai Minhang District completed landscape lighting along the Huangpu River

Minhang Riverside Park starts from Humin Road in the east, Lanping Road in the west, Pujiang Road in the north, and is close to the Huangpu River in the south. It is located on the south side of the residential area. A meandering Huangpu River stretches out docks, market towns, and industries here. After the fermentation and precipitation of the city, a unique river bank has been formed.

Shanghai's "One River, One River" coastal area construction plan proposes that the Huangpu River coast will be positioned as a centralized display area for the development capabilities of international metropolises in accordance with the overall goal of building a world-class waterfront area. In the future, the Huangpu Riverside will become an urban public living room with rich humanistic connotations, and an iconic display window that reflects high-level cultural influence, high-vitality public space, and distinctive landscape features. The overall positioning of the Huangpu Riverside Minhang section takes ecology as its basic function and focuses on the integration of livable life functions.

A green waterfront that reflects the quality of life is what citizens expect. Combining the Minhang regional culture and its complete features and waterfront green spaces, the district green appearance department strives to create a modern, culturally rich and green night view of Minhang Riverside Park. The night scene lighting illuminates the landscape space, forming a complete riverside landscape belt and a pleasant riverside stand. It uses streamlines, music and art to create an attractive riverside park.


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