Smart lighting help Philips lighting turnaround


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Since 2015, LED lighting replacement cycle gradually slowed down, the entire LED lighting industry into pains. Old players OSRAM, GE have stripped in the embarrassing lighting business, or sell or exit, the new players several times crashed into sand, or stop the transfer, or hard to insist.

Smart lighting help Philips lighting turnaround

The rapid rise of LED lighting and alternative lamps of the popularity are inseparable. Easy to change the light bulb, the economical price, easy to install, ordinary people can buy directly to replace at home. On the other hand, manufacturers are also easy to produce. Standardized specifications are easy to achieve automated assembly, automated testing, automated packaging, large-scale production so that the cost is relatively low relative to traditional lighting products are very competitive.

However, this is not the road of LED. Simple replacement lamps did not give full play to the energy-saving advantages of LED. The energy-efficient product sweeping the world is the LED bulb lamp which without high efficiency, luminous efficiency also has not fully reflected the level of LED light effect. A high degree of product homogeneity, excessive price competition, so that most of the manufacturers went into losses, then they do not do business any more.

On July 21, Philips Lighting revealed the first half of 2017 had achieved sales of 3.389 billion euros, net income over the same period last year increased 88.7% to 134 million euros.

The traditional global lighting the Three Big only did not fall into the dilemma, but blaze a trail in the increasingly fierce competition in the LED lighting market, only this one. 

And supporters of Philips lighting in the traditional lighting business downturn in the 18% of the occasion is still do it, why to do it loss more, who do the loss of LED lighting, to the Philips lighting, has become a fixed sea needle?

This is because, LED lighting, Philips lighting has never been to replace the bulb lamp, but indispensable terminal of intelligent lighting interconnection system.

In the world of Philips Lighting's intelligent lighting interconnection system, each lamp is interconnected with the intelligent system to achieve high quality and reliable lighting, not only to achieve the basic functions of energy conservation, but also as a way to gain information and provide services for users and provides additional value other than the lighting function for the manager.

Each fixture in the system is uniquely identified and seamlessly integrated into the building or city's IT network and shares information about the status and operation of these fixtures. After the integrated sensor is configured, each fixture has become an intelligent fixture that can share information about changes in personnel, activity patterns, temperature or humidity, and daylight level. By integrating wireless communications with lighting systems, city managers or merchants can provide location-based services and associated information through mobile applications for people in the lighting space. To maintain the growth of net profit, it is LED lighting business.


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