How LED street lights applauded and called

Shanghai has a total of 550,000 street lamps, huge energy consumption, annual electricity costs more than 400 million yuan, carbon dioxide emissions and light pollution are very serious. Although Shanghai is in recent years the implementation of street lamp LED energy-saving transformation, but the current proportion is very low. The LED street lighting intelligent lighting system can save a lot of energy, like Yi Yongguang developed LED intelligent lighting system, every 10,000 250W high pressure sodium lamp system to save 5.67 million kwh per year, the economic benefits are obvious. The successful development of this efficient lighting energy-saving system, in order to explore the use of contract energy management, to achieve the transformation of the old area into a great space for development and operation space, in line with the current stage of the existing facilities on the basis of energy saving Intensive development ideas.

How LED street lights applauded and called

But like many new energy-saving products, LED intelligent lighting system is also facing the "applause" problem. Reporters learned that in recent years around the LED new light source to see the huge market potential, the rapid influx of social capital, the Government also vigorously support the introduction of "ten city ten thousand" semiconductor lighting application model city program, but the market is generally reflected, LED lights "Saving money is not money", it is difficult to further popularization.

LED lights are subject to two major technical bottlenecks, one light failure, cooling problems can not be effectively resolved, thus affecting the service life; Second, the effective light can not meet the lighting needs, affecting energy efficiency. In addition, the country is currently no high-power LED outdoor lighting products unified standard standards, the product mix of different manufacturers, components can not be interchangeable, but also affect the scale of use, coupled with unequal competition and "most of the high pressure sodium Positive service period, scrapped out the pity "concept, a variety of unfavorable factors superimposed, resulting in LED lights such as innovative product promotion difficult.

Reporters learned that their LED intelligent lighting system to solve the two technical problems, this year in Shanghai Hongkou District, Gao Yue Road, replace the sodium lamp, the Shanghai Energy Efficiency Center to do the comparison test data show that the replacement of existing conditions, energy saving 44.4%, but The measured illumination is 30% higher than the sodium lamp, dimming to the same degree with the sodium lamp, energy saving 61.7%, dimming to the secondary road GB standard upper limit illumination value, energy saving up to 80.9%, road longitudinal uniformity and other indicators meet the specification requirements, This does not include the secondary energy saving by dynamic dimming.

With the popularity of Internet technology, their LED intelligent lighting system has achieved a single lamp control, automatic dimming and other management applications, all the running lights can be in the control center data feedback, reducing the manpower and material resources required for inspection, make management more scientific. In addition, their drive power, control modules are installed in the poles below, maintenance personnel only to the scene, do not need to lift the car, to ease the traffic jam, fast and rapid, and replace the sodium lamp investment within two years will be able to recover the cost.


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