Stage light LED light source performance characteristics

At present, the more mature white LED implementation technology is blue LED yellow YAG phosphor way, the phosphor is excited after the yellow and the original used to stimulate the blue light complement each other and produce white light.

Stage light LED light source performance characteristics

The basic structure of the LED is an electroluminescent semiconductor material whose emission spectrum depends on the properties of the selected semiconductor material. The color temperature of the light source is determined by the spectrum of the LED and the phosphor.

Therefore, in the process of dimming the white LED light source by the current modulation does not lead to significant changes in color temperature. White LED this feature in the color temperature stability requirements of high occasions such as film and television shooting scene has been greatly welcomed.

In the more emphasis on the stage of artistic expression of the occasion, the long-term use of lighting staff are halogen tungsten lamps, which is characterized by the stage lights for gradual darkening dimming, the light source color and color temperature will produce the corresponding Which shows that the relative energy distribution of spectral radiation has changed.

For example, when the halogen lamp is dimmed from the rated voltage value, the variation of the optical parameters is that the brightness and color temperature decrease gradually, and the light color changes gradually in the red direction. On the other hand, when the working voltage is pushed up, the brightness and color temperature will increased , Light color from red to yellow and white gradient. As we rise every day when the sun rises, the eastern side of the sky appears orange sun, and at noon, the sun into a white disc.

In the application of the stage lighting process, this use and habits are easy to express life scenes and emotions, and thus meet the lighting division and the audience's heart and physiological needs. This demand poses a challenge to the light color performance of white LED light sources.


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