What are the shortcomings of the LED stage lights

The traditional stage lighting is mainly used in halogen lamps, xenon lights and so on. To halogen lamp, for example, as a stage lighting source is characterized by thermal radiation source spectral continuity, color index range of 95 to 100, close to the ideal light source.

What are the shortcomings of the LED stage lights

When the need for color temperature or light color conversion, you need to configure the filter in front of the light source, the filter has a selective absorption of light characteristics, the configuration of different colors of the filter can get a new light color.

Although the halogen tungsten lamps can achieve a satisfactory color effect, to meet the artistic needs of artistic creation, its shortcomings are obvious. In the process of light emission of halogen lamps luminous efficiency is low, most of the energy will be lost in the form of heat radiation, which will lead to a substantial increase in lamp body temperature, the application process there are security risks.

At present, domestic and foreign lighting manufacturers are directly white light LED light source for stage lighting, white LED international common is the blue light to stimulate the phosphor luminous mode, its color, spectral and visual effects with the brass light color indicators there are significant differences.

Although some of the LED stage spotlight general color rendering index can be as high as 90 or more, but because of its spectrum in the blue light component is high, the red is low, resulting in the use of the process obviously feel color reproduction, light color effect, artistic expression and so on to meet the requirements of the stage lighting staff, which is currently the performing arts industry recognized LED stage lighting in the basic light lighting there are serious shortcomings.


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