Street lighting project in Mengcun County, Cangzhou, Hebei

The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are approaching. In order to further enhance the effect of urban lighting landscape and assist in the creation of provincial-level civilized cities, the Urban Management Bureau of Mengcun Hui Autonomous County, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province has recently carried out a solid street lighting project and installed urban lighting facilities. and repair and maintenance to ensure the safe and stable operation of urban lighting facilities, making the environment at your doorstep "better than better".

Street lighting project in Mengcun County, Cangzhou, Hebei

There is no small matter for the masses, and the original intention is to serve the people. During the investigation, staff from the County Urban Management Bureau found that some roads in Rao'an Park have poor visibility at night, which affects the public's ability to relax and play here. The County Urban Management Bureau adheres to the working principle of doing small things that the masses care about, speeds up the improvement of urban infrastructure supporting construction, improves the urban lighting effect, assigns staff to work overtime, and installs 187 landscape lights for Rao'an Park, with a total investment of 5.3 Ten thousand yuan.

The autumn air is crisp and the scenery is pleasant. During the implementation of the street lighting project, the County Urban Management Bureau adhered to the "integration of city and landscape" and organically integrated the cultural elements of the national intangible cultural heritage - Baji Quan with the shape and design concepts of the landscape lights, while dressing up the night of the small town. , highlighting cultural characteristics, improving urban taste, and making a better life accessible. At present, all landscape lights have been installed and put into use.

In order to ensure the lighting rate in the urban area, the County Urban Management Bureau launched a month-long special inspection and rectification activity, continuously improved the emergency repair mechanism for street lighting facilities, and improved the emergency repair capabilities of the team. A total of 6 large machinery and more than 20 staff were dispatched. More than 500 pieces of street lights and landscape lights were repaired in key places and road sections such as Park Plaza, Zhenggang Road, Rao'an Street, more than 10 transformer protective fences were installed, and 4 transformers were repaired. The lighting rate of street lights in the city reached more than 98%.

One street lamp after another, from near to far, lights up the "safe road" for people to travel safely and the "heart-warming road" for leisure and entertainment. The general public's sense of happiness, security, and gain continues to increase.


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