Hangzhou the West Lake night scene lights improved

The evening breeze is blowing, why not go for a stroll around the West Lake . Recently, the long-awaited Night the West Lake has been renovated and "online"! What are the changes and highlights? Let's take a look

Hangzhou the West Lake night scene lights improved

In order to optimize and improve the overall effect of the West Lake night view lighting, eliminate potential safety hazards of landscape lighting facilities, and respond to the new expectations of citizens and tourists for viewing the West Lake night view, the West Lake Scenic Area Management Committee carried out the repair and improvement of the West Lake night view lighting. Now, the carefully "groomed" the Night West Lake is back "online".

This lighting renovation and improvement follows the concept of "green, smart, frugal and civilized" of the Hangzhou Asian Games. The design theme of the night view lighting safety renovation of Baoshishan and Beishan Street is "Beishan Qing, Xizi Yi, Ink Scenery".

The bright lights of the West Lake use light as ink as a whole, combining the elements of the West Lake such as landscapes, forest banks, pavilions, pavilions, and greenery to outline the artistic conception of ink light and shadow, smart landscapes, realizing the warm connection of the interface, and showing the charm of Hangzhou in ink and light colors.


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