Street lights carry heavy responsibility for smart city construction

Entering the second half of the 2010s, with the advent of the "smart city" construction boom, each city's infrastructure has also ushered in a smart upgrade. As an important part of the city's infrastructure, street lights naturally merge into the wave of intelligence, and have a new name-smart street lights.

Street lights carry heavy responsibility for smart city construction

In terms of lighting functions, smart street lights use city sensors, power line carrier / ZIGBEE communication technology and wireless GPRS / CDMA communication technology to connect street lights in cities to form an Internet of Things, and realize remote centralized control and management of street lights. According to the traffic flow, time, weather conditions and other conditions, the scheme automatically adjusts the brightness, realizes remote lighting control, and allows urban road lighting to reach a "smart" state. Compared with the conventional ordinary LED street light, which achieves fixed energy-saving benefits only through the light source in the lamp holder, the intelligent street light uses the LED light source to save energy, and through intelligent control of lighting, the energy consumption control can be changed as desired.

From the perspective of light pole functions, conventional street light poles only used ordinary functions such as lamp body support and hidden lines. In addition to common functions, smart street light poles can also be equipped with communication base stations, information displays, car charging piles, and video monitoring. Waiting for the convenience of the people can make intelligent responses and intelligent decision support to people's livelihood, the environment, and public safety.

In terms of promotion, compared with ordinary LED street lights led by the government and using EMC and other modes to drive production enterprises, energy-consuming units and energy-saving service companies into action, smart street lights have been responding to them from the very beginning, all because of their role as smart cities. The fulcrum of the connection was originally the object of the government, street lamp production enterprises, various communication operators and other parties to realize their own value.

For example, in Tongshan District, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, in 2018, through cooperation with China Mobile, the implementation of smart street light transformation benefited 200,000 local residents and enhanced residents' sense of belonging and happiness in their place of residence. Interact city intelligent connected road lighting system has been introduced into the transformation of smart street lights in various parts of the country to improve the layout of its innovative lighting technology in the Chinese market; Shanghai Sansi / Huati Technology / Mingshuo Technology and other street light manufacturers, Huawei / Smartlink and other integrators And the 50th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation and other large high-tech companies and groups have laid out different technical fields of smart street lights ...

With intelligent functions of lighting, light poles with multiple conveniences for the city, key concerns of government functions and many lighting companies and enterprises in the communications field, smart street lights will carry more of the historical task of lighting technology innovation and development, becoming An important weather vane in the era of information lighting.


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