5G era street lights continue to transform and upgrade

For a long time, different poles occupy the land resources of urban roads in and around the country, which not only affects the image of the city, but also increases the difficulty of maintenance and management of urban management departments, which adversely affects vehicle traffic and public travel. In recent years, with the large-scale promotion of 5G technology in the construction of domestic smart city communications, as a smart street light with two major functions of lighting and communication, and a smart light pole with "one multi-purpose", it has naturally become The main body of urban road redundant pole integration.

5G era street lights continue to transform and upgrade

In response to this trend, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council jointly issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Co-construction and Sharing of Telecommunication Infrastructure in 2018" (MIIT Lian Communication [2018] No. 82) last year, and actively promoted communication towers and street lights, monitoring, Traffic poles and other tower resources are shared in both directions, promoting "multi-tower integration" and "multi-pole integration". Driven by this implementation opinion, multiple roads in many domestic cities, such as Fuzhou, Shenyang, Zhuhai, Changsha, and Chongqing, have implemented the "multiple-in-one" transformation to optimize urban road resources.

Under the trend of "multiple poles in one", smart street light poles are not only equipped with basic equipment such as communication micro base stations, surveillance cameras, LED displays, car charging piles, etc., but also integrated with hardware facilities such as traffic lights, road signs, and bus signs. Formed the sharing and intensification of urban poles, refined management and operation facilitation of the operation platform, allowing urban lighting management departments to gradually convert to technology-based integrated management departments based on the integrated pole system, and the street light management operation mode will also move to the integrated operation and supervision mode change.

With the increasing popularity of the domestic "multi-in-one" market, major lighting companies have launched a technological "storm" in this field. At the 2nd China Import Expo, Xin Nuofei, who has an in-depth interpretation of China's smart street light application trend, launched a new smart street light pole solution that integrates lighting and other smart city application information functions on one pole. Transform lighting assets into a smart city infrastructure network, thereby further upgrading the streetlight network in the city and further upgrading the city's smart management.

In addition, Xin Nuofei has already made scientific and technological innovation achievements in China-a trial of wireless optical communication technology (LiFi) with a speed of up to 150 megabits per second. Once this technology is applied to intelligent street light poles in the future, it will also It plays an innovative auxiliary role in the refined management of smart street lights and other infrastructure in smart cities.

Under the trend of "multiple poles in one", no matter how the intelligent street light pole integrates communication software, hardware, and city management resources, it must be the primary function of smart street lights-lighting services. Looking forward to the future, under the integration of resources and technology brought by "multi-in-one", street lights will bring more innovative value to the intelligent integration and upgrade of lighting and communication in the 5G era.


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