Strictly control urban lighting and eliminate light pollution

In terms of urban road lighting, the "Draft for Opinions" proposes that lighting facilities for new construction, reconstruction, and expansion projects should be designed, constructed, and put into use simultaneously with the main project; the installation rate of road lighting should reach 100%; During the time period, the number of lights out should be limited. The lighting rate of main roads should reach 98% and above, and the lighting rate of secondary roads and branch roads should reach 96% and above.

Strictly control urban lighting and eliminate light pollution

In terms of urban landscape lighting, the "Draft for Opinion" proposes that landscape lighting should meet the landscape lighting effect during the lighting period, and the lighting rate should reach 90% or above; the setting of landscape lighting facilities should comply with relevant national regulations and standards, and ensure that the text is standardized , clear patterns, and beautiful shapes; the lights must not shine directly into the residents' homes.

In terms of outdoor advertisements, signboards and signs, the "Draft for Opinions" also mentioned that outdoor advertisements on LED displays should emit light evenly, without flickering, and have the function of automatically adjusting brightness according to the natural environment, without causing light pollution, noise pollution and electromagnetic waves. radiation pollution.

Urban lighting quality improvement has been started

In essence, before the "Draft for Opinions" was issued, the counties and districts in Jinan City have continuously achieved innovative results in urban lighting management in the past year, and have continuously improved the quality of the city's nighttime light environment.

In June 2022, Jiyang District actively explored the construction of lighting projects based on the application of "three full coverage" of 68 video surveillance cameras, 6 sets of video conference systems, and 6 drones on the Yellow River embankment under its jurisdiction. Utilize the monitoring poles of the full-coverage project, install high-power flood control emergency lights in all key river sections and key projects near the dam bank, and realize AC control stably, taking the lead in creating a "three full-coverage + one project" full-area coverage, The road of "wisdom and light" runs through from top to bottom.

In October 2022, Laiwu District completed the updating and upgrading of the lighting system in the entire park of Hongshi Park. A total of 220 garden lights were replaced and 70 garden lights were repaired. All of them adopted the latest environmental protection and energy-saving LED landscape lights, which greatly beautified and brightened It has improved the nighttime environment of the park and enhanced the urban garden landscape, which has won wide acclaim from the general public.

In December 2022, Gangcheng District will install street lights on the entire line from Wenshuiyuantou to Taizi Village, Wenyuan Street, within its jurisdiction. Through intelligent control of night lights, "brightening" and "energy saving" are combined to achieve effective management of light environment and energy , which has improved the basic conditions for the revitalization of the mountainous villages in the eastern part of the street, and also made the Dawen River Basin more dazzling.

In February of this year, 963 "one pole with multiple functions" smart light poles were successfully installed in the first phase of the Huanghe Avenue project in the starting area for new and old kinetic energy conversion in Licheng District. Through the refined dynamic management and control platform, not only holographic perception, video AI analysis, charging, The core functions of road management such as emergency linkage, data visualization, and asset life cycle management can also accurately monitor the operation of each street lamp, which is convenient for fast and accurate fault diagnosis and timely disposal, and realizes refined dynamic management of urban road lighting and shared urban road infrastructure. Build, share and upgrade.


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