Taiwan Chiayi into the country's first LED street lamp city

Chiayi city government facelift LED lights, the first phase has completed 13,000 LED lights, the end of the year before the replacement of the remaining 17,000 lamps, plus 10 years of road lighting maintenance, so that Chiayi become the first LED lights city, municipal government in the evening of March 23 for LED lights to carry out the results of the show, and invited LED lights He Xi Energy Co., Ltd. Chairman Chen Guifang and many other guests to participate in the same together after the start of the magic ball, the east side of Zhongshan Road From Tongxiao Road to Chiayi Park section with the synchronization light, the picture is also immediately sent to the venue, a symbol of Chiayi City, "bright" up, Chiayi City put a bright light.

Taiwan Chiayi into the country's first LED street lamp city

To build low-carbon energy-saving city, facelift LED in addition to the annual electricity savings of about 27 million yuan, saving 70% of electricity; reduced carbon emissions of about 55,232 tons, 10 years accumulated total carbon reduction, In the 400 Chiayi Park, the amount of carbon absorption; before the end of Chiayi City, 30,000 lights will be changed to LED lamps, which is the first city to complete this, the lighting is more than 3 times the past, LED lights after the facelift Friends have certainly affirmed that road safety and law and order are more secure; plus the first to buy ten years of road lighting services, not only lit Chiayi, but also to illuminate ten years. Manufacturers are also linked to guarantee, received notice, 24 hours after the completion of maintenance.

The first phase of the Taiwan subsidy of 130 million yuan, facelift 13,000 lamps, was completed on February 10; the second phase of the city since 106 years, 10 years by year budget, a total of 100 million 7 million yuan to complete the remaining 17,000 lamps and lanterns facelift, coupled with the facelift after the provincial electricity costs 2,700 million yuan, does not cause the city library additional burden; another planning manufacturers to provide ten years of lighting services, According to the standards of the Ministry of Interior of the Ministry of Interior Construction Road lighting standards, manufacturers in addition to facelift lamps, but also must be responsible for maintenance, repair, repair, inspection obligations, and provide two entrance images, the construction of street information management system to provide public line Repair and annual free new and the transfer of 300 lights and other needs.

Office of the Commissioner stressed that the completion of the LED lights poles, are affixed with the nameplate and placed QR-code and free calls, when the lights are not lit, the public as long as the phone scanning light pole on the QR-code, can be linked to the page Quick repair, and follow-up repair progress, manufacturers will be completed within 24 hours of maintenance. LED after the effect of crop growth on the crop, or the angle of the issue, welcome people to call the toll-free telephone 0800-612-219, apply to add shade.


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