Taiwan will fully use led street lights

November 14, 2014, in Taiwan in the next two years is expected to invest 5.49 billion yuan (NT, the same below, equivalent to about 1.097 billion yuan), to assist the local government in the end of 2016 will be under the jurisdiction of 692,000 street lights replaced with mercury led street lights, after the completion of the Taiwan region will become the world's first comprehensive mercury lights-out area. Estimated annual saving of up to 640 million degrees, and reduce the financial burden on local governments, estimated annual savings of 1.1 billion yuan (equivalent to about 220 million yuan) of electricity and 346 million yuan (about 69.16 million yuan RMB) maintenance, 5-year warranty period, local governments can save a total expenditure of 7.23 billion yuan (equivalent to about 1.445 billion yuan).

Taiwan will fully use led street lights

Executive Yuan spokesman said that to accelerate the development of LED lighting optoelectronic industry in Taiwan, and expanded carbon reduction, and promote LED traffic lights planned since 2008, so that Taiwan was promoted to the first two full use of LED traffic lights in parts of the world; the same year the first to develop led street lights standard (CNS15233), and began promoting LED street lamp demonstration program.

Executive Yuan said that in addition to the led street lights settings push through government funds, but at the same time will be the mandatory regulations prohibit the use of mercury lamps, mercury lights to full Taiwan sunset target. Taiwan led street lights performance dramatically, with an average luminous efficiency of more than 100lm / W, is about three times more mercury lights, while life of up to six years, a mercury lamp life is also more than tripled, with the advantages of replacing traditional mercury lights.


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