"Technical Specification for LED Classroom Lighting" group standard review meeting

"Technical Specification for LED Classroom Lighting" group standard review meeting

On April 21, the review meeting of the Guangdong Illuminating Society's group standard "Technical Specifications for LED Classroom Lighting Fixtures" was held in our institute. A total of 10 experts and representatives from educational equipment systems, testing institutions, scientific research institutes and classroom lighting manufacturers Attended the meeting.

At the review meeting, experts from our institute introduced the task source, preparation process, main content and soliciting opinions of the standard. The experts at the meeting discussed the standard one by one, and finally passed the review of the standard unanimously. The standard specifies the safety, performance, and reliability of LED classroom lighting fixtures in detail, and puts forward new requirements for full-spectrum characteristics, hazardous substance limits, and intelligent control. It is forward-looking, innovative and operability. . The issuance and implementation of this standard will provide a basis for quality evaluation of LED classroom lighting products, and will help promote the technological progress and demonstration applications of LED classroom lighting products.


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