the advantages of LED Tunnel Light compared to traditional lighting

  Currently, in the tunnel lighting applications, the high pressure sodium lamp as their higher photonic luminous efficiency (up to 120lm / w), so to obtain a large-scale applications, but high pressure sodium lighting in the tunnel lighting has still more difficult to overcome. The main problem is poor color index choice and power source (usually only choose 250W and 400W), especially in the interior section lighting, high pressure sodium on the one hand has no less power, on the other hand, a strong punctuate light glare and flicker caused.

the advantages of LED Tunnel Light compared to traditional lighting

  the advantages of LED Tunnel Light compared to traditional lighting

  In some long tunnel, the straight tube fluorescent lamps because of its high color rendering and a good visual inducing linear light has also been a number of applications, but the life of the fluorescent lamp is short, usually only about 8,000 hours, and it often needs to be replaced , greatly increasing the maintenance cost of the tunnel. In addition, fluorescent has less power at the entrance stage, transitional stage and outlet areas that require high luminance so it can not meet the requirements. In recent years as the technology of lamp mature, due to the elimination of the electrode factors, compared to traditional fluorescent lamp, electrodeless fluorescent lamps have a longer life, and it can do more power, which makes the lamp reflected advantage in the tunnel lighting applications. But lamp emitting surface is larger; the optical efficiency is low when making optical design of the lamp. The Spark LED tunnel lights can be said that it is the integration of high-pressure sodium lamps, straight tube fluorescent lamp and various advantages, tunnel lighting applications is the best source, and its main advantage is reflected in the following aspects:

  1)High luminous efficiency; current production of single-chip 1W LED luminous efficiency can reach 100lm / w or more, and because it is single-sided light, so in the whole lamp optical system design process, you can do very high luminaire efficiency.

  2)long life; under the reasonable thermal design and power-driven conditions, you can have up to 50,000 to 70,000 hours of life, for 24 hours lighting tunnel lighting applications, it can greatly reduce maintenance costs, and it can shorten investment period.

  3)Easy light; LED light source as small size, light side, the directivity of the light is very strong, which can easily fit a lens or reflector to achieve the ideal light, not only to improve the use of the lamp efficiency, but also to ensure good uniformity.

  4)lamps designed to be flexible; Spark LED tunnel lights are not only in the power of design flexibility, using about 1W LED devices, according to the actual illumination requirements to change the number of the LED light source to achieve the best energy-saving effect, and also, due to the small size, light shape of the design is very flexible and can be made linear in order to achieve better visual light permeability conductivity, also be designed as a rectangular light illumination requirements for higher inlet section, and outlet transition section.

  5)Intelligent dimming control; using LED lamps can achieve electrodeless dimming lamp, and it can be combined to dynamically change the brightness of the tunnel lighting, LED tunnel lighting can fully develop technical characteristics, to further improve energy efficiency LED tunnel lighting, in order to achieve intelligent tunnel lighting.

  LED Tunnel Light can achieve computer dimming, temperature control, automatic inspection, elevation / horizontal angle adjustable functions. Lamp light efficiency is 80lm / W, energy saving rate is of 70%.

  Although there are still many difficulties and challenges for large-scale application of LED tunnel lights, such as LED lighting standard is imperfect, some inferior products on the negative impact of marketing, the high cost of initial purchase of LED tunnel lights. All these bring pressure to LED tunnel lighting products which will put mass-market application, but the pressure of any one of these new technologies and products in the promotion of the early applications will inevitably encounter. However, with the further development of high-power white LED technology, LED tunnel lighting thermoelectric overall system technology continues to mature, people's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection to further enhance, LED technology will create a new future in tunnel lighting applications.


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