the choice of clothing LED Spot light

  Currently, many clothing stores are mostly used for traditional metal halide lighting or energy-saving lamps, ranging from 50W, 70W, 100W, such as NVC lighting, Philips energy saving lamps. Thinking of a more than 60 square meters of shops, how many energy-saving lamps or metal halide they will use? Large and small lamps add up to at least 30 light bar, so how much electricity you will spend one day? Traditional energy-saving lamps and metal halide have high fever, so it invisible to increase the indoor temperature and life is short; it needs to change the lamp by average 3-5 month, high maintenance costs.

the choice of clothing LED Spot light

  Now, LED spotlights with its unique advantages gradually replace the traditional metal halide lamp, and it become preferred lighting for a clothing store. LED lighting is not only environmentally safe energy saving, but also high luminous efficiency and long life. An LED light can normally use 3-5 years basically, eliminating the hassle of daily maintenance clothing shop owner. The LED brightness of 20W spotlights is equivalent to 50W traditional metal halide lamp, LED spotlights 30W brightness is equivalent to 70W metal halide lamp, and it can completely replace. Clothing shop can decorate according to requirements of different power spotlights to match, in order to highlight the role of subjective aesthetic, rich layers, rich atmosphere, and colorful artistic effects.

  Many stores do not understand LED spotlights, the following is ENELTEC to introduce you to how to buy LED spotlights.

  1, LED spotlights have low pressure and high pressure. Consumers should be better to choose the low voltage spotlights, as its long life, higher luminous efficiency. Spot light effect show as the performance of the power factor, the greater power factor, the better light efficiency, popular spotlights around 0.5 power factor, low price, high quality LED lighting power factor can reach 0.99, so the price is slightly expensive.

  2, spotlights generally used for decorative lighting enhancements, they are generally embedded into the ceiling or the wall, although the LED is a cold light source, yet as long as there is light, there will be hot, working temperature of good spot lighting are generally not more than 50 °, but low-grade spotlights lit generally at relatively high temperatures, so be sure to purchase high quality products, or there will be security risks.

  3, when the use of spotlights, it should match with transformer to use, lamp beads should choose a good quality, because the low end of the lamp beads has light failure, short life. The quality lamp beads brands in the market are: Cree, OSRAM, NICHIA, BridgeLux, Epistar etc.

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