The bigger power consumption in Japan Homes is lighting

The bigger power consumption in Japan Homes is lighting

The survey found that in all the power consumption, residential living room less than 100 watts of power, China accounted for 95.28 percent, South Korea 95.54%, the result is quite close. Japan was only 41.43%, indicating that the Japanese respondents living more than 50% greater than 100 watts of lighting power, relatively speaking, high lighting power consumption in the country. In addition, China, Japan and South Korea the average living room lighting power were 49.7%, 155.7%, 57.1%, the same percentage of the three groups in China to a minimum. These data objectively reflect the energy levels of countries surveyed.

In addition, the survey also were in the living room illuminance measurement, namely the so-called illumination light intensity, that the surface of the resulting flux and the illuminated area ratio, for the strength and body surface area is the amount of light illuminated indicating the extent of the unit is lux (Lux or Lx). The space is measured according to the average of the lights 30 minutes after the five data collection points, where China is 63.4lx, Japan 135lx, Korea 209.7lx. China, Japan and China in the living room complete reading, watching TV, chatting trend presented substantially the same general illumination, the average of the three acts of lighting, China Housing respectively 53lx, 83lx, 71lx; Japan respectively 161lx , 164lx, 160lx.


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