The ceiling of the "Forest Book Garden" in Beijing's sub-center is lit up

One of the three major buildings in Beijing's sub-center, the library project known as the "Forest Book Garden", has currently installed light strips and lamp tubes for the ceiling of a large space of 3,000 square meters. The ginkgo leaf-like ceiling leaves, matched with white lights, are very artistic. The total area of the large-space ceiling of the project is about 20,000 square meters, and the installation of internal lighting facilities is expected to be completed early next month.

The ceiling of the "Forest Book Garden" in Beijing's sub-center is lit up

In the evening, the reporter walked into the construction site of the Beijing City Sub-center Library project undertaken by China Railway Construction Engineering Group. Looking up, in the central area of the ceiling, the columns in the large space are like tall and straight trees, and the top is covered with leaves, scattered and stacked. Each piece of ginkgo leaf-shaped plate is inlaid with silver-white edges by hidden light strips. There are also sparkling lamp tubes on the "gingko leaves", which add an artistic atmosphere and make the entire ceiling area more visible. Smart.

Wang Weihong, Quality Director of the Beijing City Sub-center Library Project Department of China Railway Construction Engineering Group, introduced that the internal lighting of the project did not adopt the method of installing large chandeliers, but through the reasonable layout of light strips and lamp tubes, and the "gingko leaves" on the ceiling. The shape matches. This design intends to use the light strip to enhance the expression of the outline, volume and texture of the blade itself, and the point light sources of the lamp tube are arranged flexibly and orderly along the outline of the blade to express the design of "dew" in the early morning idea.

This kind of design is actually similar to the concept of "no main light" in home decoration design. It abandons the large chandelier and uses more and more specific lights to illuminate the space. It uses dimmable smart lamps and lighting control systems, which can be adjusted according to the outdoor weather. Changes, timely adjust the indoor space lighting illuminance. The light can also change the light and shade of the local space according to the needs, without affecting the height of the storey, and it will not make people feel depressed.

As a "super project", the urban sub-center library project with three floors above ground and one basement floor with a construction area of about 75,000 square meters is much more difficult than home decoration. The maximum clear height of the indoor large space of the library project exceeds 20 meters. Every time it is installed, construction personnel need to take a high-altitude vehicle, drill into the top of the ceiling, and cooperate with ground personnel to carry out precise installation. This is not the most difficult part. In order to make the "Forest Book Garden" present a "valley foyer" view, between the north and south gates of the library, a reading area in the shape of "hillside terraces" was built on both sides of the winding main passage. When installing lighting facilities for this part, the project needs to set up a full house of scaffolding in advance or use a spider car to cooperate with the construction according to the site conditions, and the construction difficulty is also quite large.

Each large "gingko leaf" on the roof is actually made up of 19 small leaves. In order to present the most perfect lighting effect and restore the design concept, before installing the light strips and lamp tubes, the oil workers of the project department have to caulk, polish and spray the leaves of the "Ginkgo Leaf" many times.

The urban sub-central library project is positioned as a modern large-scale provincial public library. Its core functions will be expanded from the traditional collection and reading function to the integration of collection and borrowing, multimedia experience, and quality training. The heritage hall, open-shelf reading area, smart bookstore, lecture hall and other functional divisions have a daily reception capacity of about 5,000 to 8,000 people. It is planned to complete the completion and acceptance of the project within this year.

According to reports, the city's sub-center library is committed to creating the highest standard of green buildings. The combination of the metal decorative plate on the roof of the library and the glass on the lighting roof allows natural light to directly shine on the library hall, greatly reducing the power consumption required for daytime lighting of the building. At the same time, the lighting roof glass uses dimming technology to ensure that readers will not feel glare from the light. The roof of the library is also equipped with photovoltaic glass and power generation system, with an annual power generation of about 230,000 kWh. After being put into operation in the future, compared with public buildings of the same type, the energy consumption can be reduced by about 8% throughout the year, and the actual carbon emission is about 78.5 kilograms per square meter per year, and the carbon reduction ratio is about 33%.


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