The four key technology LED lamp

  Fluorescent tubes have a wide range of applications in everyday life, supermarkets, school, office city, subway, etc., anywhere you can see extensively use of fluorescent! If Led fluorescent lamp wants to maintain long life and high brightness, the key to solve the problem is: power supply, LED light source, cooling, security.

 The four key technology LED lamp

  1. Power supply

  The foremost requirement for Power supply is high efficiency. High efficiency products, heat stability is low, and then it will inevitably high stability. Often the power supply have isolate and non-isolated two programs, isolated volume is too large, low efficiency, While using, installation will have a lot of problems , so the market prospects are not as non-isolated products market big , here we mainly discuss non-isolated the driver program.

  2. LED light

  The LED source adopted Taiwan Lumen max Patents, the chip placed on pins. The heat passed over silver horn and directly to the chip node. Compared with the traditional products and traditional products in the heat patch, so the quality is different, the chip junction temperature does not produce accumulation, thus ensuring good use of the light source lamp beads, and also to ensure long-life light source lamp beads, low- light failure.

  Traditional patch product, although it can connect negative with gold wire, yet also so that the heat generated by the chip through gold wire connected to the silver pin conducting. Both heat and electricity conduction is money, a long time accumulation of heat will directly affect the LED fluorescent tube life.

  3. Cooling

  The infrared radiation heat introduced and used in fluorescent tubes, which is an important means to improve lamp life. In thermal considerations, we will apart LED light lamp beads cooling heat and power, without disturbing each other, thus ensuring the heat is reasonable.

  There are three ways of heat conduction, convection, conduction and radiation. In a closed environment, convection, and conduction is possible to achieve small, and comes out of the heat by radiation, the fluorescent tubes are the key considerations.

  4 safeties

  Security, here said PC flame retardant plastic tube, because the infrared heat can penetrate the PC tube, then we considered their safety when design and using LED lights, physical insulated with plastic way, even in the use of non- isolated power can guarantee the absolute safety of use.


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