The Government of India 2018 full switch to LED bulbs

The Indian government announced January 8, Indian families to make more use of LED light bulbs with energy-saving benefits, improved lighting electricity situation. According to the Indian government's demands, they want before the end of 2018 can fully switch to LED bulbs, saving more power.

The Government of India 2018 full switch to LED bulbs

India's Minister of Energy Power Piyush Goyal said publicly, "We saved per unit of energy, can be lit for the poor of our country their home. I hope you all use LED bulbs."

Piyush Goyal pointed out that India is still a national power shortage, there are still 250 million people are without electricity in the living environment, the future development of India as a whole is still very impressive, but it takes time. He believes that if India is the country of about 770 million light bulbs, LED bulbs can dress up as, you can estimate energy savings of 1,000 units per year.

And by the Indian government-run energy efficiency services company (Energy Efficiency Services Ltd, EESL), there is no use of any subsidy amount through DELP planning, shipping about 400,000 LED bulbs per day, Piyush Goyal estimates can be improved in the second half 2016 to daily 1 million LED bulbs shipments.

While the cost of production of these LED bulbs, from 310 rupees each tablet in February 2014, it has been reduced to 373 rupees each tablet in June 2015, it can be said to reduce by 75% of the cost.

Moreover, the Indian government hopes the future will have many more ways to help more families can have electricity per day, plan to install more than two hundred meters to test the wisdom to help India to better understand the power consumption mode, to find ways to power avoid waste.


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