The new Philips Smart LED bulb come out

Philips Intelligent color bulbs we may have been very familiar with, you can use Philips Hue app to control it, we only need to move a finger, you can use the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to control the lighting, but we can also directly through Apple's iOS smart home system to control this lamp.

The new Philips Smart LED bulb come out

And in March this year, Philips intelligent LED lamps are updated, and the lamp can also be updated at the same time adapting upgraded applications.

The new listing of intelligent LED bulb is called the Philips Hue White Ambiance, the product also supports dimming, control and support software compatible with Apple HomeKit, will provide 800 lumens 4000k and maximum output.

Philips side said that the white hue atmosphere can help users concentrate or relax, and in the automatic execution, Philips launched the "Routines", after the update, users can pre-configure the application to suit their own lighting system. For example, "wake up" can gradually increase the brightness of the bulb, and "go to sleep" Brightness sunset will imitate, so that users can slowly go to sleep atmosphere. The "night light" mode will reduce the blue light output to help users get a good sleep environment.

Philips Intelligent updated color bulb will work with Apple HomeKit together to create a more beautiful home lighting system for us. The new Philips Hue White Ambiance also today officially on sale, entry-level set of accessories takes us to $ 129.95, which includes hue hub, two bulbs and a dimmer switch, and a light bulb sells for only 29.95 dollars.


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