The overall application of silicon substrate LED

The silicon substrate LED is a vertical structure with uniform current distribution and fast diffusion, suitable for high power applications. Because it is single-sided light, good directionality and good light quality, it is especially suitable for mobile lighting, searchlights, miner's lamps and other mobile lighting, mobile phone flashlights and high-end lighting fields with high light quality requirements.

The overall application of silicon substrate LED

The crystal technology of crystal energy photoelectric silicon substrate have matured. On the basis of continuing to maintain the leading edge in the field of blue LED chips in silicon substrate, the products are continuously extended to white LED chips and LED mobile phone flash lamps with higher performance and higher added value. LED automotive headlights, LED street lights, LED backlights, etc., which require directional light and high-quality light, have gradually established the dominant position of silicon substrate LED chips in the sub-sector.

Mobile lighting

The products used in the mobile lighting market are mainly made by directly coating the white light chip and the ceramic substrate with a Si substrate, and then using a precision mold to laminate a designed lens on the bottom plate to expand the light extraction rate. According to different product power, different white chip size and bottom plate material and size can be selected to match. Generally, chips have 36mil, 45mil, 55mil, 70mil, etc., and the bottom plate has aluminum oxide and aluminum nitride. Such products mainly require uniform illumination and uniform spots. In the field of mobile lighting, such as miner's lamp and flashlight, the sales of lamp beads are among the highest in the world.

Mobile phone flash

The products used in the mobile phone flash lamp market mainly use the Si substrate blue chip and the ceramic substrate size of 2.0x1.6, and are made by using an electrostatic spraying process, a special white glue, a laminating glue and the like. This kind of product is very suitable for use in mobile phone flash, mainly in addition to the same lumen value, the central illumination is about 5% higher than the traditional product (sapphire substrate), and the illumination angle is small, and the diffusion will be added in the lamination layer. Powder make the luminescent color more uniform.

At present, it has been widely used in Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Meizu, 360 and other brand mobile phone application manufacturers. On average, 10 million smart phones are using LED light flashlights of Jingneng Optoelectronics every month, and the shipment volume ranks among the top in China.

Rear loading lamp market

The rear-mounted lamp market is mainly for the pursuit of high brightness, high temperature resistance, high current, etc., so the products used mainly use large-size Si substrate blue chip and aluminum nitride ceramic substrate (size 5.0x5.0) Crystal, and made by using important processes such as fluorescent film or spray coating technology. For example, the company's product XM2 uses Si substrate 80mil blue chip, and eutectic with 5.0x5.0 aluminum nitride ceramic bottom plate, paste a 50um thick film on the chip, press a lens, and finally test and divide selection, tape, and storage. This product can pass 3A maximum current, brightness >1000lm@3A. Another example is the company's product HP-50, using four Si substrate 56mil blue chip, and 5.0x5.0 aluminum nitride ceramic bottom plate gold tin eutectic, spray a layer of phosphor on the bottom plate, and the chip is surrounded by white Glue, and finally press a special lens to provide brightness. This product can take into account the voltage of 6V or 12V, the maximum can pass 3A current, the brightness can reach 2000lm.

In the field of industrial curing, mercury in traditional UV light sources can seriously pollute the environment. The trend of replacing mercury lamps with UV LEDs has become irreversible, and silicon substrate LEDs are also expanding their market applications in this field.


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