The smart light pole with multiple poles in one on Weifang Road, Jinan is on duty

Recently, a smart light pole with multiple poles in one on Weifang Road in Jinan City was put on duty. Measuring gas leakage, sensing manhole cover movement...

The smart light pole with multiple poles in one on Weifang Road, Jinan is on duty

1. Precise realization of on-demand lighting: "AI Sentinel" can save energy by 20% for the city

Relying on artificial intelligence technology

The smart light pole called the city's "AI sentinel"

Possess the same "eyes, mouth and nose" as human beings

Able to sense and react intelligently

As the night darkened, there were fewer and fewer vehicles on the road. When no vehicles pass by, the brightness of these "smart street lights" on the roadside gradually decreases. Once a vehicle passes by, the street lights flash again.

The smart light pole can accurately make the light "follow the shape", realize on-demand lighting, local energy saving, and achieve energy saving of about 20% in the entire city.

2. The smart light pole contains "black technology": it can sense the movement of manhole covers and measure gas leakage

Can sense manhole cover movement

When someone moves the manhole cover, the sensing device inside the manhole cover is triggered, and the signal is transmitted to the light pole. The camera on the light pole, its "eyes", comes into play: the camera will lock on the person who moves the manhole cover and take pictures of the whole process. The light pole will also immediately call the police, using its "mouth" to issue a warning to passing vehicles.

If there is a gas leak around the light pole, another device on the light pole, its "nose", should come into play.

Can detect gas leakage

According to reports, within a monitoring range of 150 meters, the equipment on the light pole emits a laser beam specifically for methane to diffusely reflect objects. When it encounters methane gas, it will absorb and reflect back. The laser is different, and it will trigger an automatic alarm.

3. "Urban lifeline": smart light poles help the construction of urban lifelines

Through the "black technology" of this batch of smart light poles, we can see that the construction of new infrastructure such as smart light poles is also closely related to the construction of "urban lifeline". The urban lifeline construction project is a key construction application scenario of the new smart city industry in the near future. Let’s take a look at the policy support line:

2021: The Office of the Security Committee of the State Council and the Ministry of Emergency Management issued a notice to deploy and strengthen the prevention of urban safety risks, promote the experience and practices of urban lifeline safety engineering, and determine 18 cities (districts) including Hefei, Shenyang, Nanjing, Qingdao, Shenzhen, and Shanghai Songjiang As a pilot for the construction of a national urban security risk comprehensive monitoring and early warning system. It is required to effectively improve the city's ability to prevent and control major risks and emergencies, and essentially improve the modernization level of urban security governance.

2022: The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued a notice to carry out pilot work on monitoring the safe operation of urban infrastructure in 22 cities (districts) including Zhejiang Province, Anhui Province, Haidian District of Beijing, and Shenyang City of Liaoning Province to promote the improvement of urban infrastructure in various places Safe operation monitoring level.

In May 2023, Ni Hong, Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, stated that my country will fully launch the urban infrastructure lifeline safety project. On the basis of in-depth promotion of pilot projects and summarization and promotion of reproducible experience, carry out a general survey of urban infrastructure, establish a database of urban infrastructure covering above and below ground, identify risk sources and points of urban infrastructure, and compile a list of urban safety risks.


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