The South Korean government establish LED lighting 2.0 plan

According to Korea media reported that Samsung Electronics at early December through organizational restructuring the LED lighting division relegated teams. Samsung was once one of the LED lighting as the cause of five new species were to develop, but has recently changed direction. LG Innotek recently as a raw material SapphireWafer career LED SumitomoChemical and sold by a joint venture of Samsung Electronics SSLM.

The South Korean government establish LED lighting 2.0 plan

Since the demand for environmentally friendly lighting is increasing, LED lighting market itself is continuing to expand, in 2015 the market size will reach about $ 17 billion, compared to 2014 will become about 9%. In 2014 sales benchmark, Samsung Electronics and LG Innotek each third place in the global LED lighting market and the fifth, but the two companies are nothing but unavoidable losses due to LED lighting market is in a serious oversupply status. According to market research industry IHS data show that, LED lighting market is in excess supply up to 23% of the state, the main reason is because the mainland industry are relying on government subsidies and massive investment advantages result.

Mainland industry has almost caught up technically Korea. In addition, Phillips recently its subsidiary Lumileds LED components approximately 80.1% of the shares sold, and the buyer is Go Scale Capital. The industry believes that land owned stake in Lumileds LED patent is mainly in order to get hold of Philips.

However, there are comments that Korea in 2013 to 2014 will be included in the SME LED lighting for industry types, so Korean companies in the country to foster the cause of missed golden moment. There are rumors indicate that Samsung will likely sell LED lighting business outside.

Samsung and LG Innotek in the LED lighting business strategies are planned to strengthen internal begin. Samsung plans to shift from memory, accumulated on the semiconductor manufacturing process methods to the LED is expected to bring production costs down to lower than currently. In addition, LG Innotek official said, the vehicle performance LED lighting products of high added value is not bad, will be high-end products for the center to develop related businesses.


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