LED grow light planting good quality tomatoes

In order to meet consumer demand for locally produced fresh tomatoes in non-season season, greenhouse farm equipment generally rely on additional lighting planting tomatoes.

LED grow light planting good quality tomatoes

The farmers began to notice the advantages of LED lights, LED lights because of energy-saving advantages, hoping to replace the greenhouse HPS (HPS). A recent study of the feasibility of using LED lighting in greenhouse tomato provides some information.

Michael Dzakovich and Landscape Architecture Department of Agriculture from Purdue University in the United States, Celina Gómez and Cary Mitchell in HortScience issued the relevant findings. They point out the LED lighting is becoming an alternative to the high-pressure sodium lamps. They said: "All For LED lamp as a light source of high-value crops in greenhouses, planting of hormone levels and the impact of smell is quite curious, however, so far hardly any fruit crop for a long time to accept the LED light irradiation, grow into maturity. Correlation tomato. "

Greenhouse tomato plant get natural sunlight combined with LED light source for plant growth.

The researchers conducted three separate studies, surveys affect the amount and quality of supplemental lighting for greenhouse tomatoes planted it. Plants are fully received natural sunlight control group, natural sunlight plus HPS lamp auxiliary lighting, and natural sunlight combined with LED grow lights. Scientists collect color, sugar content (Brix), titratable acidity (titratable acidity), conductivity (electrical conductivity) and pH alkalinity acid to analyze plant responses to lighting. The researchers said: "In contrast to our original hypothesis, fruit quality LED auxiliary light source completely free from the impact."

The study also included teams invited to try to eat and rank for tomatoes color, acidity, sweet, combine use of measuring instruments. Try to eat must also be assessed for the color of tomatoes, aroma, texture, sweetness, acidity, aftertaste and overall sense. "Income and try to eat after biochemical and actual information we can decide whether to receive the endorsement of the physical and chemical data are also reflected in consumer perception of quality of tomato."


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