The status of China's LED industrial lighting applications

With the continuous improvement of LED lighting in the mainstream of the global lighting market, LED lighting market share will rise significantly. In recent years, industrial plants and other construction area continues to grow, the demand for LED lighting applications gradually enlarged space. From the McKinsey report notes that in 2016, industrial lighting penetration will reach 18% in 2020 will exceed 30%. In China, industrial electricity consumption has accounted for more than 70% of social consumption, strong industrial energy demand, a huge market space also makes the penetration of LED lighting industry is expected to further accelerate.

The status of China's LED industrial lighting applications

From lighting applications, the semiconductor lighting will transition to the civilian market from commercial, industrial applications, and in 2013 and during the next two years, commercial, industrial, public lighting and other applications is still the mainstream market, but also into the home lighting market needs time. From the technical point of view the level of luminous efficiency improvement and cost reduction become dual drive lighting market. According to the US DOE predicts 2015 cool white light effect devices will reach 190lm / W, an increase of 27% over 2012, the price will be at 2 $ / klm, 67% lower than the 2012, and 2015 devices warm white light efficiency of 162lm / W, representing an increase of 43 percent in 2012, the price will be 2.3 $ / klm, compared with 2012 reduced by 70%. From the point of view of innovation, technology, products, applications, and other innovative business models will go hand in hand, the future beyond the lighting will have attractive prospects, will create optoelectronics, microelectronics go hand in hand in the new era. From our point of view, LED lighting growth began to take shape, with the overall lighting market to pick up in 2013, the decline in growth stalled, the lighting market penetration or speed. CSA predicted that in 2015, LED overall penetration rate will exceed 30%.


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