The US DLC announced the first batch of LED lamps that meet its new horticultural performance standards

The US DLC has announced that it has announced the first batch of LED luminaires included in the DLC Horticultural Qualified Product List (QPL) to meet the performance and reliability requirements set by the market transformation organization. MaxLite's solid-state lighting (SSL) products are among the first lighting products to be included in the QPL list. Eight different models meet DLC requirements, all of which belong to the new PhotonMax LED spotlight range.

The US DLC announced the first batch of LED lamps that meet its new horticultural performance standards

DLC announced the first QPL Qualified Product List at the recent New England Cannabis Convention in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition, at this meeting, DLC also presented the final version of its first horticultural QPL requirements and the new DLC horticultural logo that companies can use on the list of eligible products.

DLC Executive Director Christina Halfpenny said: "Agricultural lighting is one of the fastest growing power load applications among DLC ??utilities. We believe this new standard will meet the needs of the lighting industry and will also greatly accelerate new and efficient horticultural lighting technology. 

The agency simplifies some short-term review requirements while establishing benchmarks for high-performance and reliable LED lighting products for use in harsh environments.

At the same time, MaxLite also announced the launch of PhotonMax LED spotlights in the PH-GH360 and PH-GH600 series, which were launched in early March. MaxLite currently offers four different power levels of luminaires with different spectral power distribution (SPD) to meet the growth needs of different plants.

Paul Gray, senior director of sales of horticultural products at MaxLite, said: "MaxLite is focused on developing products with the highest performance and quality standards. Our LED spotlights are the first to receive a list of DLC horticultural qualified products. DLC is still the resource center for lighting industry and utility companies to design energy-efficient lighting incentives, and a key indicator for buyers of lighting products who want to buy high-performance products. ”


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