Three advantages of LED floodlights

Lighting market, there are made of many different materials, different use of functional lighting, people depending on the functional role of these lamps use them to different areas in the past, we usually say that we are living in lighting fixtures , now we use it in our lives less led floodlight it, it will not be used by people to home lighting, but the use of floodlights to many industries, then, let us go together led floodlight into the world, and see what led floodlight is what kind of lighting, it is compared with other lamps and how different characteristics.

Three advantages of LED floodlights

Led floodlight is using a specially designed and manufactured for the types of lamps floodlights industry role, it mainly has the following advantages:

1, led floodlights are durable, long life. In our lighting market, led floodlight almost always use high-quality aluminum alloy material for the production of shell lamps, high strength aluminum alloy, all aspects of performance are relatively stable, and therefore, also after long-term use wire deformation phenomenon will not change, it is the result of surface high pressure electrostatic spray process, so that the surface of the lamp comfort grip, long service life.

2, led floodlights have some proof performance. Considering the particularity of the place of use of the lamp, we in the production led floodlights, when using a special explosion-proof structure design, and the use of tempered glass to make lamp shade, plus a die-casting process after production performance of manufactured goods, making led floodlight relatively stable, with some proof performance, very easy to use, high safety factor.

3, led floodlight high luminous efficiency with good environmental performance. After led arise, we are using a lot of lamps led to production, led floodlight, too, as we all know. Led is a solid cold light source, is a new type of light source, use led to the production of mining lamps, has a very small rate of heat generation, high luminous efficiency and very low power consumption, is an ideal pan light work lamp appliances.


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