LED high bay lamps have large space for Price reduction

High bay lamps in outdoor markets, due to its advantages of using habits and product prices and other aspects, metal halide lamp high bay has been the mainstream of the market. But because of its short life, high maintenance costs and also has power is too large, low brightness, pollution and other shortcomings, so the market space is gradually being eroded LED high bay lamp.

LED high bay lamps have large space for Price reduction

By the market price trend, driven by large enterprises have also joined the "price tide" in the. This year, Philips, Osram and other companies have introduced high cost products. From June this year, Kingsun take the first time outdoor lighting products prices fell to less than 6 yuan per watt.

Reporter investigation found, LED high bay lamp price cut is also great, with 100W of high bay lamps, for example, the current market price of the same category of products has been as low as $ 70 or less, the price dropped to less than 5 yuan per watt.

Indoor lighting products have been caught in a vicious price competition, but LED high bay light and low-power indoor lighting products are essentially different.

First, LED indoor lighting high bay lamp unlike with retail-based, its customer base is mainly contractors and part of the strength of dealers, as business according to the amount of difficult lighting and home so much, the price is difficult to have a big float.

Secondly, the cost of installation and maintenance of industrial lighting products is very high, very high product quality and after-sales service requirements, low-quality products at low prices at the same time, it is prone to high maintenance costs due to product damage occur, so prices hand can not be the primary goal of customer choice.

LED interior lighting may have realized the bulk of the price bottomed out, but LED high bay lamp price at least no major change in the last two years.


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