Top Ten New Smart Lighting Control Systems

In recent years, with the promotion of 5G, big data, artificial intelligence and other digital technologies in lighting applications, the intelligent management of lighting equipment has become the general trend. Under such a business background, various lighting systems have sprung up in different lighting subdivisions, continuously creating the value of light for the work and life of the public.

Top Ten New Smart Lighting Control Systems

When the Dragon Boat Festival is coming, China Lighting Network presents the top ten new smart lighting management systems in recent years, allowing the lighting industry to taste the scientific and technological development achievements of the domestic lighting industry, and at the same time stimulate the innovation potential of lighting technology workers and empower the lighting industry High-quality development.

1. Navigation lighting risk control and emergency management system

This month, Haikou Meilan International Airport independently developed the navigation lighting risk control and emergency management system, which was officially put into operation.

After the failure of the navigation lights, the lighting technicians only need to turn on the system, and the status of the navigation lighting equipment in the airport will be displayed on the screen of the mobile phone immediately, which has changed the inefficient troubleshooting mode in the past. The corresponding disposal plan pops up, including the number of required disposal personnel, each emergency operation process, area, emergency repair tools and other task content, which is convenient for the commander to coordinate and quickly and accurately dispatch resources, arrange emergency personnel to implement relevant work with corresponding work orders, and greatly improve Improve the efficiency of employees' emergency response to navigation lights.

According to statistics, the use of this system can shorten the overall repair time by more than 50%, greatly reduce the time for troubleshooting the cause of the fault in the operation of the airport navigation lights, and improve the efficiency of emergency response to the greatest extent. A new idea, a new system and a new system.

2. Classroom intelligent lighting system based on Arduino microcontroller

This month, at the Shanghai Youth "Double Carbon" Program Proposal Contest, the "Design of Classroom Intelligent Lighting System Based on Arduino Single-chip Microcomputer" selected by Shanghai Loushan Middle School won the first prize in the final of the competition. The system is suitable for university self-study classrooms, libraries and other places. It can automatically control the lighting switch and brightness to save electricity, reduce energy consumption and pollutant emissions, and achieve low-carbon energy saving and emission reduction.

The system is based on the original lighting control system of the classroom. According to the change of the number of students in the class, two kinds of classroom intelligent lighting systems are designed and simulated by using arduino single-chip microcomputer technology, so as to automatically adjust the brightness of local lights according to different conditions, which can save energy and reduce carbon emissions row, but also meet the needs of classroom lighting. Among them, the intelligent counting and lighting brightness automatic adjustment system installs a resistive film pressure sensor on each seat in the classroom. The sensor detects the pressure to achieve the function of counting the number of people in the area. The system adjusts the switch of the upper lamp according to the preset value. and lighting brightness.

The intelligent photosensitive and lighting constant brightness automatic adjustment system still installs a photoresistor light brightness detection module in the classroom lighting lamps to detect whether the light brightness of the corresponding range exceeds the constant brightness range, and automatically shuts down or adjusts the brightness of the lamps so that the light brightness of the area can be at constant brightness. Brightness value range. In addition, a photoresistor is installed on the ceiling of the classroom model, and the outdoor light changes are simulated by opening/closing the curtains. After system simulation and debugging, the automatic adjustment of the intelligent light-sensitive lighting brightness has also been realized.

3. Wireless lighting monitoring system

In order to reduce the maintenance tasks of 23,828 street lamps in the Xicheng area, Nie Xinlei, the leader of the second electrician team of the Lighting Engineering Company of the Ecological Environment Management and Protection Company of Heilongjiang Daqing Oilfield, developed a wireless lighting monitoring system after repeated tests and several months. In March this year, the system has achieved remarkable results during its operation.

It is understood that the wireless lighting monitoring system visually displays all jurisdictional areas in the form of 61 road sections, and maps more than 200 control points to the road sections for unified real-time monitoring and collection of data, real-time display of terminal status, remote detection of terminal abnormalities, and display failures reasons, direct point-to-point repair and maintenance.

The wireless lighting monitoring system also enables historical data to be checked, faulty road sections to be measured, and lighting energy saving to be adjustable, saving patrol costs of 500,000 yuan a year.

4. Vehicle-mounted road lighting detection system

In November 2022, the "new vehicle road lighting detection system" developed by the Wuhan Street Light Management Service Center of State Grid Wuhan Power Supply Company, which took two years to develop, appeared in the newspapers. The system can be installed on the top of any engineering vehicle, realizing "measuring when the vehicle passes".

It is understood that the new vehicle-mounted road lighting detection system integrates intelligent sensing, 5G+, and Beidou high-precision positioning. A blue detection host similar to a police light adopts a strong magnetic adsorption method and can be installed on the top of any construction vehicle to realize in addition to the efficient detection of multiple road lighting indicators such as illuminance, brightness, and color temperature, it can also realize the coordinate positioning of light poles and realize the comprehensive functions of measurement, inspection, and census integration.

Relying on the massive lighting equipment operation and maintenance data collected by the system, Wuhan Street Lamp Management Service Center has built and improved a big data model that conforms to the equipment operation conditions in Wuhan, covering lighting quality analysis, fault location, and hidden dangers of single lights, roads, and districts. Analysis and other business scenarios have truly achieved the purpose of using big data to improve the detection of road lighting and street lights, and realizing the purpose of intelligent detection + cloud data analysis.

5. ETC lane point light source control system

In November 2022, a set of expressway ETC lane point light source control system independently developed by Jiaxing Expressway was put into use at the Jiaxing East Toll Station of Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway of Zhejiang Provincial Transportation Group and achieved good results. The system uses laser radar as a detection module to achieve the accuracy, timeliness and stability of early warning signal collection, and is not affected by factors such as temperature, dust, light, etc., thereby effectively reducing the accident rate of ETC lanes and improving the on-site safety factor of toll stations.

It is understood that the system is mainly composed of three parts: radar detector, control power supply system, and point light source. Use the laser radar as the detection and induction signal to judge whether there is a vehicle passing in the ETC lane. If a vehicle is detected passing by, the radar detector detects the signal and transmits the signal to the control power system, and the control power system starts to supply power. At this time, the point light source lights up and emits a "red" high-intensity LED light source for 3 seconds. Delay operation to remind people near the ETC lane to avoid vehicles.

When the vehicle leaves the toll channel, the radar monitor does not detect the signal, and the point light source will be automatically turned off. If the control power supply system does not work, it will not interfere with the work of toll collectors and the passage of vehicles. At the same time, the system has four system protection functions of "short circuit protection", "surge protection", "leakage protection" and "voltage stabilization control" to ensure the safe operation of the expressway ETC lane point light source control system.

6. Door crane grab warning light system

In February 2022, the door crane grab warning system developed by the Information Center of the Equipment Technology Office of Shandong Rizhao Lanshan Co., Ltd. was officially unveiled.

The system integrates the functions of visible light projection, laser and light sensing. It is installed on the beam of the trunk of the door crane and projects a beam of light to the grab bucket. At the same time, it uses gyroscope stabilization technology to ensure its operation. The driver of the door operator can control the system independently in the cab, and reasonably combine the warning lights according to the lighting conditions and the on-site operating environment, so as to exert the best performance of the system under different conditions.

At night or when the line of sight is unclear, the visible light projection follows the grab of the door crane and projects a beam of light to the grab, forming a light beam projection with alternating light and dark directly below. The green laser beam always displays the overall movement track of the arm of the door crane, warning the shore and deck. The operating machinery and personnel in the cabin, the installation and use of the grab warning system of the door crane can help the driver of the door crane to concentrate, prevent fatigue work, and assist the driver to enter and exit the cabin more stably and quickly when performing hopper operations , Drop-off operation, improve safety production level.

7. MMD Smart Road Lighting System

In December 2021, in the 5th "Maker Guangdong" competition, the team of Professor Zhao Haitian from Shenzhen University won two awards in the maker group of the competition with the "MMD Smart Road Lighting System".

The system can change its own form according to the different weather and road conditions faced by the driver, and change the lighting mode according to the situation, which is more suitable for the driver's visual habits, meets the driving needs, and provides intelligent and humanized services for the driver. Really achieved the goal of humanistic return.

In addition, the system also pays attention to the survival needs of other organisms around the city. By reducing the height of the lamps, it can effectively reduce the interference of traditional lights on other organisms at night, and has made a certain contribution to the ecological protection around the street lamps diversity idea.

8. Double Carbon Digital Lighting Energy Management System

In August 2021, the double-carbonized energy management expressway on the Hangzhou-Jinqu section of the Zhejiang Provincial Communications Group completed the transformation of equipment and IoT, marking the official launch of the first double-carbon digital energy management expressway in China, which can obtain various data of tunnel lighting in real time, and realize energy saving and consumption reduction through precise management.

The management platform of the system monitors the energy consumption of the tunnel lighting system in each time period, and according to the fact that the energy consumption of the tunnel lighting during the day is much higher than that at night, an intelligent adjustment scheme for lighting in different scenarios is formulated, distinguishing between sunny and rainy days, adjust the scene in foggy days, track carbon emissions in real time, and realize carbon monitoring.

9. Smart energy-saving control system for canopy lights

In January 2021, the toll station under the jurisdiction of Zhejiang Zhoushan Management Center launched the self-developed smart energy-saving control system for canopy lights. The canopy lights controlled by this system can realize intelligent and precise switching. Calculated by saving 1 degree of electricity for each light, it can save more than 20,000 degrees of electricity throughout the year.

With the help of the intelligent energy-saving control system of canopy lights, the members of "Huiqiao Innovation Studio" of Zhoushan Management Center realized "one lane, one control" of canopy lights with the help of time controller, photosensitive controller and lane toll system according to the actual lighting needs of toll lanes the intelligent and precise control makes up for the defect that one switch turns on all the canopy lights of the toll station and causes the waste of electric energy.

The system can also automatically adjust the number of canopy lights that need to be turned on according to the darkness of the on-site lighting and the opening of the lane, and can also turn on and off the power supply reasonably according to the predetermined switching time to avoid waste of electric energy. When the lane is closed and the sky is getting dark, the system will automatically turn on one of the canopy lights in the lane to meet the basic lighting; when the lane is open and the sky is getting dark, the system will automatically turn on all the canopy lights of the lane, make sure the lanes are safe.

10. Intelligent light guide lighting system

In March 2018, Chongqing Heqiguang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. developed an intelligent light guide lighting system, which brings pure natural sunlight to scenes such as residences, underground projects, and production workshops.

The intelligent light guide lighting system adopts the mode of "optical + automatic control + intelligent supplementary light", which can collect light sources around the clock according to the sun's position, and perform artificial intelligence LED supplementary light when the light input is insufficient. The system also adopts the mode of "optical + automatic control + intelligent supplementary light", which can collect light sources around the clock according to the sun's position, and perform artificial intelligence LED supplementary light when the light input is insufficient.

From the structural details of the intelligent light guide lighting system, the diameter of the newly developed optical tube is only 50mm, and the reflectivity is above 99%. Only a small beam splitter is needed for each refraction point, which can greatly reduce the light source loss. In addition, the system uses a small tube light path, which is also easy to lay and save installation costs.


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