Urban lighting development direction

After the G20, the city entered a new round of urban lighting boom, many cities to build the night economy and the image of the night, as an important weapon to change the face of the city.

Urban lighting development direction

So what is the direction of the next step in the development of urban lighting? Just let the lighting content more, richer, more exciting? Do not! The city should use the art of elegance to stimulate, it can use a lot of light color transformation, plot transformation, aesthetic transformation, to create a different scene. City lighting need to use the form of art, to achieve the overall construction and build the city.

Lighting design, you can use an artistic, economical way to use light, to express an atmosphere, emotion, emotions, between people and between the light and another understanding, if the use of two Light can make the building inside the bright, playing a certain sense of the atmosphere, history, vicissitudes, taste, do not have to install other lighting.

Here to share with you this saving, artistic design techniques in high-rise glass curtain wall construction in the application:

Firstly, the ceiling, each layer of the ceiling of the ceiling to create a very bright outside to see the lighting effect.

Second, do the curtain box, the curtains bright.

Third, do the floor of the shadow box, which installed lamps, so that the formation of a sense of rhythm of the building.

Fourth, with a small wattage, a small angle of the lamp inside the building to the main keel and vice keel light, let the outside see the keel.

These are energy-saving, art, low-key expression of the city lighting approach, but also the leading color in the art of bold design innovation, is willing to each city has its own night scene characteristics.


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