Which environment use LED lighting

  LED lighting is widely used for many alternative lighting. Which environment are the LED lighting be installed ?

 Which environment use LED lighting

  1.LED landscape lighting market: including architectural decoration, interior decoration, decoration and other attractions, is mainly used for important buildings, streets, commercial center, monuments, bridges, community gardens, lawns, home, leisure and entertainment decorative lighting, and set decoration and advertising as one of the commercial lighting.

  2 Auto market LED lighting: LED car market is the fastest-growing market use, mainly for the car dashboard, air conditioning, stereo and other indicators and internal reading lights, the vehicle's third brake lights, taillights, turn lights, side lights.

  3 Traffic lights LED lighting market: As red, yellow, green LED with high brightness, long life, energy saving and other advantages.

  4 Special work and military use of LED lighting: LED light source with seismic resistance, weather resistance, good sealing, and thermal radiation is low, small size, easy to carry and can be widely used in explosion-proof, field operations, mining, military action other special workplace or poor working environment.


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