ENELTEC Brand Looking into global LED lighting marke

  Looking at the world, many countries are stepping up legislation, encourage the use of energy-efficient light sources. Meanwhile, the development of LED industry not only for lighting and semiconductor industry has a strategic leading role, but also lead to household appliances, automobiles, mobile phones and other consumer goods, a series of terminals technological change, governments around the world are therefore increase the LED industry policy support. Strong demand for energy-efficient European market, LED lighting applications have substantial start.

ENELTEC Brand Looking into global LED lighting marke

  After entering the second half of 2012, the United States, Japan, Mexico and the European Union and other countries and regions have increased the LED lamps import threshold to enter the country for directional lights and LED lighting products covered by proposed energy saving, eco-design, energy efficiency labeling, testing and inspection, performance, security, size, weight, shape, etc. higher, more stringent requirements. Facing domestic LED lighting products quality and technology of the dual test.

  Currently LED field who is also difficult to draw a category or a lower limit brand, through the operation of market performance and business point of view, in two years time, will form a category brand. ENELTEC with innovative techniques and good after-sales support, so get a good evaluation of domestic and foreign customers, and work with customers to establish a good business relationship, our products are rich, covering more convenient, such as: LED Bulbs, LED Tubes , LED spotlights, LED explosion-proof lights, and so kind, in the international market has a very strong competitive edge.


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