Why is LED lighting popular in the market

  The biggest difference between LED lighting and traditional lighting is that LED lighting is a completely electronic product while traditional lighting is only an electrical appliance. Therefore, LED lighting can be easily associated with the various types of sensors to achieve light control, infrared control and a variety of other automatic control functions. For instance, with a light-sensitive sensor, the automatic switch of LED streetlights can be easily achieved; community walkway and courtyard lighting at night can use infrared sensors to collect information on human activities and automatically switch the lighting.

 Why is LED lighting popular in the market

  General lighting contains a large amount of mercury vapors. If the light is broken, the mercury vapors will evaporate into the atmosphere. But basically, LED lighting uses neither mercury nor lead, which plays a protective effect on the environment; traditional light will produce a lot of heat while LED light converts all the electrical energy to light without producing energy waste and causing no bleaching phenomenon on documents and clothing; LED lighting does not produce noise, which is a good choice for places where sophisticated electronic equipment is used. It is also suitable for places like libraries, offices, etc.; traditional fluorescent lamp uses the AC, which will produce 100-120 times strobe per second. Since LED lighting converts AC directly to DC, it causes no flicker and can protect eyes; LED lighting does not produce ultraviolet light, and unlike traditional lighting, there are no mosquitoes coiled around the light source, thus room becoming cleaner.



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