LED lighting transformation program rationality

  The lighting of indoor and outdoor lighting cost about 30% of electricity consumption, production and life are closely related with people. LED indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures as an important application, its advantages:

LED lighting transformation program rationality

  One, LED lamps long life

  For this problem, as many domestic and foreign companies’ description, products itls 50000-10000 hours, in fact, low-power LED street life depends on the following points:

  (1) Quality of LED chips.

  (2) LED packaging quality consistency and reliability.

  (3) LED light source as a cold, but the LED semiconductor itself will generate heat. Small power LED heat low light decay, long life, light can guarantee good working conditions.

  (4) Power supply, constant current drive lifetime warranty.

  Second, LED lighting energy efficiency

  LED lighting is a systems engineering, regardless photopic lighting or accent lighting through energy conversion into light, and through the projection lamps, so that a certain part of the face to face up to a certain illumination, uniformity, color, a plurality of face to face local synthesis of a complete lighting project, not simply to compare with the power, but through an integrated and comprehensive analysis for comparison.

  Third, conventional lamps and LED lighting differences

  A light source lamp, power supply, and other accessories such as shade assembly combination of lighting, it is also used for controlling the light source, light rays manner while protect the light source, improve the lighting efficiency of the lighting equipment.

  Normal Lighting are Mainly combined by conventional lighting the lamp housing, light chamber, electrical room and other components. Because there are sufficient housing space and the carbon and foam silicone rubber seal mounting cooling, to ensure the working conditions of the light source. The light source cavity protection IP65, protection class electrical compartment IP45. Conventional street lighting as long as this protection conditions, can be made into any shape, our conventional road lighting design brilliant, really showing daytime viewing, night lanterns scene.

  The LED lamps available, its unique long-life light source, with easy superiority of rational light, color temperature variability, the advantages of high color rendering index, low voltage and current power supply with energy efficient lighting trends.


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