Xiamen LED bulb exports ranked first in the country

If the Xiamen optoelectronics industry is a "crown", above the "Pearl" is the LED lighting industry. Over the years, with innovation, quality, focus, professional and other characteristics of the LED lighting industry development experience is the industry summed up as "Xiamen model", become China's LED industry, one of two modes. March 2014, Xiamen was selected as the National Science and Technology of the semiconductor lighting field only two Class A high-tech industrialization base. Xiamen LED lighting industry since 2004 for thirteen years to maintain an average annual growth rate of more than 25%, becoming the industry's largest development of one of the highlights. In 2015, Xiamen LED lighting to achieve direct output value of 27 billion RMB, and led the formation of 70 billion RMB of industrial scale. LED epitaxial chip production and LED bulb exports for many years ranked first in the country.

Xiamen LED bulb exports ranked first in the country

From the industrial chain and enterprise point of view, in the field of LED epitaxial chip upstream, Xiamen, the total output of LED chips (high-power-based) 68 billion, accounting for domestic LED chip production more than 60%.

The total number of MOCVD (LED epitaxial wafer manufacturing equipment) has reached 279 units, the formation of an annual output of 24 million LED epitaxy, LED chip 300 billion industrial scale, the data Are living in the country first, and investment in Xiamen 10 billion RMB capital increase expansion of 200 MOCVD equipment, the future is expected to exceed the actual production capacity to become the world's largest crystal power LED chip manufacturers.

LED applications in the downstream areas, China's exports of LED lighting products in the top five enterprises, with Xiamen Lidashin, Sunny-resistant, Topstar, Hailai lighting four companies. Particularly in the field of high-end LED bulb, Xiamen LED high-end ball bulb exports account for about 30% of the country.

Among them, China's exports of LED lighting products, "leading" sun En-resistant only took six years to let the company LED ball production and sales accounted for about 3% of the global market in 2015 to achieve 1.8 billion in sales, year-on-year growth 64%, tax revenue increased by 37.7%. Next, the enterprise will also build its own brand "energetic", and continue to LED intelligent lighting and lighting system transformation and upgrading. In addition, Xiamen Fenix ??lighting research and development authorized sales of the German high-end lighting brand LUXUNI (Nasuni) has been for many years won the German Red Dot, Red Star and other top design awards in 2016 again by virtue of excellence, "2016 Xiamen International Design Week - red dot in China, "the organizing committee awarded the" Best Creative Award. "


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