Xi'an Minsheng supermarket energy-saving LED lighting

  Xi'an Minsheng supermarket belonging to HNA Group's Xi'an Minsheng Group Co., Ltd., Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, the company is to operate a retailing mainly of large business enterprises. Xi'an Minsheng Group Co., Ltd. has seven department stores, 31 supermarket stores, business area of about 266,900 square meters, and hosts two department stores and 17 supermarket stores, is one of the largest department store retail chain Northwest.

Xi'an Minsheng supermarket energy-saving LED lighting

  ENELTEC Xi'an Minsheng for energy-saving lighting supermarket lighting design of a comprehensive analysis of a variety of lighting fixtures using the best regional programs to achieve the overall needs of the supermarket lighting and color of the illumination. Kingsun LED downlights provide a total, LED spotlights, LED lamps, LED lamps and other lighting scaffold more than 25 million units by the reasonable control of the distribution of light, ensure that the desired brightness and evenness of illumination while eliminating glare LED reduces glare caused by bad glare, visual fatigue and visual disturbance, while eliminating the traditional lamp color temperature is high or low due to depressed mood. Kingsun LED lighting integrated application solutions to make the best presentation of merchandise, but also to create a more comfortable and pleasant shopping environment.

  The project operates EMC model, the year after the transformation of energy-saving of about 28.8 million degrees, saving electricity 25 million yuan, 2.5 million yuan maintenance costs, overall energy savings of about 27.5 million yuan a year, energy efficiency significantly.


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