LED airfield lighting fixtures challenge

  Currently, most domestic airport airfield lighting using halogen lamps. But some industry insiders believe, LED lighting is the future development of airfield lighting. Because LED lamps with energy-saving, environmental protection, small size, and can improve the lighting visibility, long life, thereby reducing maintenance staff time and other advantages. Xi'an Xianyang International Airport statistics show that in the April 22, 2014 - May 22 during a night flight with lights, LED airport taxiway center line lights energy saving compared with halogen approximately 19.38%, LED taxiway edges than the halogen lamp energy saving of about 40.77 %.

LED airfield lighting fixtures challenge

  However, the data LED airfield lighting fixtures actually used shows that the theoretical case there is not a small gap. Guan Peng, general manager of China, explains ADB, mainly because of the traditional chopper dimmers and every other change restricted the energy-saving advantages of LED lighting to play, to make energy-efficient LED lamps to achieve the best results, you need to have matching dimming equipment.

  Although many people optimistic about prospects for the development of LED lighting, but there are some different voices. For example, LED lamps in the country has no specific use of standards, a one-time purchase of high cost, these factors have affected the overall promotion of LED lamps.

  In general, the airport airfield lighting systems require five areas. First, clearly marked, enabling flight area clearly distinguished from other non-aeronautical lights fly zone. Second, high luminous efficiency, soft light. Requirements lamps themselves have a high luminous efficiency, there is sufficient brightness, light color clear, it is possible under certain visibility higher resolving power, and to save energy. Third, good water and heat dissipation. Fourth, there is a certain degree of mechanical strength, a certain degree of corrosion resistance and impact resistance. Fifth, the structure is simple, durable, easy disassembly and maintenance, system stability, less failure, can weather the whole time and space to ensure flight, the price is relatively cheaper.

  Most airports use halogen lamps, because of its simple structure, low cost, and easy to control and adjust the brightness, but life is short, energy consumption. So, in the end the use of halogen lamps or LED lamps, for the airport, it is a difficult question to answer.


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